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A former banker, April started her yoga journey in 2013, transforming her passion into a lifelong mission. She values discipline, consistency in her practice and employs yoga for therapeutic benefits, driving her to assist those facing stress-related issues. Yoga, for April, goes beyond the physical, promoting holistic well-being and mindfulness. It strengthens the body, calms the mind through pranayama, and fosters non-judgment and kindness through philosophy and mindfulness. April has been teaching for 5 years, with 3 at Pure Yoga. Her classes blend invigoration and serenity, incorporating various props and specialised classes like yoga wheel, chair, and wall rope yoga.


10-hour CET Yoga Wheel with Sandy Shum
50-hour CET Yoga Therapy with Arun Rana


Reignite & Rediscover: 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Arun Rana


Roots of Hatha: 200-hour Yoga Teacher training with Arun Rana


Wall Rope Teacher Training Level 1 with Dagge Ong
Private Yoga
Private Yoga

Take your yoga practice to the next level with a one-on-one or small group class. Deepen your practice and achieve your goals at your own pace.

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