Cultivating Wellness Through Yoga

Krunal's journey into yogasana began in 2006, observing his sister's practice and recognized for his excellence by the school's PT teacher, leading to multiple championships. This success spurred his quest for yoga philosophy, culminating in undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in Yoga Science from esteemed Indian universities. In his classes, Krunal presents challenging Asana variations with gentle insights to overcome obstacles, blending fun with sincere dedication. Emphasizing breathing techniques and anatomy-based alignments, his teachings prioritize a deep understanding of yoga postures. Krunal's commitment lies in creating a dynamic and enlightening atmosphere, nurturing students to foster a profound connection with yoga practice.


Antigravity Fitness Levels 1 & 2 with Christopher Harrison (USA)


Bachelor in Astanga Yoga - Lakulish Yoga University


Master of Science in Yoga Therapy - S-vyasa Yoga University


RYS 200 YTTC Gyanish International Academy of Yogic Science, Ahmedabad
Private Yoga
Private Yoga

Take your yoga practice to the next level with a one-on-one or small group class. Deepen your practice and achieve your goals at your own pace.

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