Seeking Solace - A Song of Silence - A Silent Retreat with Gabrielle Mendoza (6-10th April 2024)

6 April - 10 April 2024

About this retreat

Gabrielle invites you to disconnect from the outer world and reconnect with your inner world as we escape to a self-contained haven lost in time with the songs of silence.


Follow Gabrielle on a journey to eat, pray and love in nature’s embrace. Pause and find beauty in nature’s wonders with the sounds of the cascading Balian River or rekindle a connection with yourself by using a provided Mala Bead necklace to indicate the intention of making this journey a silent retreat inward.


There are many programmes which impose precepts like pre-dawn call times, solitary confinement, hours of strong determination on end, no writing, eye contact, talking or communication which can be difficult to uphold, and might not be everybody’s cup of tea. Seeking Solace – A Song of Silence is designed to be an accessible stepping stone to a disciplined practice of stillness and silence, so that those attending will not feel frustrated or resign to giving up while working towards their ultimate goal.


Seeking Solace curates an inward journey of silence that is punctuated with yoga practices, mindful reflections through journaling and tapping into the comfort of a collective energy and private space as we navigate the challenges of withdrawing from modern day distractions.


No habit forms overnight and having an overarching understanding of how to tackle the challenges of a meditation practice will serve to help you improve your relationship with it.


About Yama Balian


Away from the bustling beach club party scene synonymous with Kuta and Seminyak, on the more reclusive West Coast of Bali, where rich cultural heritage is still much preserved, is a place where time stands still; where presence and connection is all there is.


Overlooking the holy Balian river, where many serene wellness and healing traditions were hosted by villagers amongst its sacred waters, Yama Balian is a 10-bungalow resort gives a taste of barefoot luxury amidst admiration for the astonishing gifts of nature.


The waters of the sacred Balian river flow beautifully into the ocean; where it’s not your typical white sand and blue water beach, rather, it is a mystic mix of shiny black sand and vivid green misty shores merging with over hanging cliffs.


The tranquility and beauty of the natural surroundings perfectly support an immersive environment for learning, grounding and inspiration.


This retreat will host no more than 18 people in a buy-out setting that will preserve the sanctity of its intention. This will also allow us to be fully cared for by the heartwarming hospitality of the Balinese. 12 of your meals will be catered for, with a curated wellness menu to detoxify your body from the inside out.


Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis, upon registration and settlement of full payment for the retreat – https://yamabalian.com/acommodation/


5 Days & 4 Nights: Wednesday to Sunday, 6-10 April

6 April – Day 1

07:10am – Flight to Bali
9:50am – Arrive in Bali
1:30pm – Welcome Lunch at Yama Balian
2pm – Check-in
5pm – Opening Circle
8:30pm – Trataka Meditation – Candlelight Intention Setting

7 April – Day 2 6am – Sunrise Meditation by the River
6:30am – Hatha Yoga
11:30am – Mindfulness Practice: Heart of the Matter
5pm – Water Purification Ceremony
8 April – Day 3

6am – Sunrise Meditation by the River
6:30am – Vinyasa Yoga
11:30am – Mindfulness Practice: Calm Amidst the Chaos

9 April – Day 4

6am – Sunrise Meditation at Secret Bay
6:30am – Movement Meditation at Secret Bay Beach
9am – Waterfall Trekking
4pm – Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra with Sound Healing

10 April – Day 5

6am – Sunrise Meditation by the River
6:30am – 108 Sun Salutations and Om Chants
10:30am – Closing Ceremony
12pm – Check-out
8pm – Flight to Singapore
10:35pm – Arrive in Singapore


All retreat attendees can opt for an additional 60-minute private yoga session with Gabrielle, where they can choose between practising led meditation, customising their asana practice, a sound bath, therapeutic releases and adjustments or guided relaxation.


This retreat will be capped at 18 pax and a provided Mala Bead necklace can be used to highlight your intention, should you choose to remain silent for the whole duration of the retreat.


Recommended Flights

Scoot TR280 – Saturday 6 April 2024 @ 7:10am SIN, arriving @ 9:50am BALI

Scoot TR289 – Wednesday 10 April 2024 @ 8pm BALI, arriving @ 10:35pm SIN


Deluxe Bungalow Single Occupancy (Early-Bird Discount)

  • $2,380


Suite Bungalow Double Occupancy – Twin/King (Early-Bird Discount)

  • $1,980



  • 4-nights’ accommodation 
  • 12 catered meals + daily tea breaks that include coffee/tea, snack and fruit
  • Curated array of yoga and meditation classes
  • Rental of spaces and equipment for yoga practice
  • Airport transfer for the selected flights




All prices below are per person for 6-10 April 2024 (5 Days & 4 Nights)

Rooms are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms may differ in layout and décor.

Prices listed are inclusive of all prevailing taxes.

Gabrielle Mendoza
Gabrielle, once overwhelmed by corporate stress, found solace and self-renewal through yoga. Her life's mission evolved to assist others in stress management through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga discipline. In her Restorative Yoga classes, she creates a nurturing haven for individuals to identify mental and emotional stressors, allowing individuals to be fully present without the rush of the future or weight of the past.