Continuing Education

Uncovering the Oasis Within - Restorative Yoga CET with Gabrielle Mendoza

14 September - 29 September 2024

About the Workshop


Open to all individuals looking to further their practice in the art of conscious relaxation, aspiring yoga teachers and existing teachers seeking specialisation in Restorative Yoga.

This 3-option program offers a framework for you to apply the required skills and knowledge of anatomy and science that facilitate a safer and more enriching practice, which can help to empower both you and your students with greater confidence in your yoga journey.

This journey is more than just about unwinding from stress and understanding how the nervous system works — it is about taking that step to heal yourself by unearthing your triggers, understanding your inclinations and tendencies through pausing and observing during meditation, and stepping into your power through the process of returning to the nourishment of homeostasis. If it is your calling to make a difference in a world where looking after one’s mental well-being could do with prioritisation, you are invited to join the movement.

15-Hour Weekend Immersion

This 15-hour weekend immersion will cover modules 1 to 4, and is suitable for enthusiasts looking to better understand the science and subtleties of Restorative Yoga, and how it can be utilised as a means to manage their stress, and care for their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Find out how to fine-tune your propping skills to better cater to your own practice, and have the opportunity to venture into an in-depth exploration of the practice through theoretical and practical ways of learning.
  • The science, benefits and teaching of restorative yoga
  • Setting up the10 essential restorative poses
  • How to observe body alignment to optimize the use of props



30-Hour CET Program Training Summary 

The 30-hour CET programme will cover modules 1 to 6, is suitable for yoga practitioners to better understand the science behind Restorative Yoga, and how it is taught, so as to better develop their personal practice of intentional rest. It will also fundamentally equip someone who is looking to deliver a Restorative Yoga practice – whether in a private, home, or casual setting – with the breadth of hard skills and tools needed to offer a basic experience.

30-Hour inclusions

  • Teaching methodology: sequencing and class planning
  • Principles and guidelines for creating a safe and supportive class environment
  • Curating verbal cues, intonation of voice and the visual artistry behind language
  • Modifying poses to cater to injuries and other considerations


1 x case study

1 x online quiz


50-Hour CET Program Training Summary 

The 50-hour CET programme will cover modules 1 to 8, and fully equip regular practitioners of Restorative Yoga, as well as aspiring teachers who are looking to teach Restorative Yoga – whether in a private or commercial sense – with the breadth of soft and hard skills to deliver a comprehensive experience.

Aligned with what Gabrielle uniquely brings to her Restorative Yoga classes, she will be imparting skills relating to the Art of Holding Space, Therapeutic Adjustments, fundamental concepts of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and how to seamlessly weave its guiding principles into a crafted practice that will provide direction towards holistic healing. In this programme, we will also learn how to use additional props and craft that will enhance relaxation such as weighted sandbags, eye-pillows, and singing bowls. The use of wall rope, aerial hammocks and the Iyengar chair will be incorporated so you can provide multiple avenues of relaxation in your restorative yoga offerings. 

With an additional 20-hours in the longer program comes the chance for the participant to deliver group practice teaching and receive valuable feedback from peers and the trainer, which is crucial, yet so often neglected in training programs. These additional sessions will provide the time required to do deeper study, experience poses with varied propping, and discuss practical observations and considerations.

In line with the growing demand for online teaching, this additional module will be presented to help one clearly distinguish the differences, challenges and concessions to cater for in this clearly distinct field.

The demands of private yoga differ considerably, and a deeper insight into how to cater to the differing needs of private clients will give you the confidence to hold space for someone who might be needing this one-to-one down time to seek solace, or cater for injuries and limitations that require technical know-how in one’s approach.

50-Hour inclusions

  • Group Practice Teaching – 60min
  • Online Class Presentation – 60min
  • Key differentiations for conducting a Restorative Yoga class online
  • How to offer Therapeutic Assists for your private clients
  • Incorporating Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction concepts into a Restorative Yoga Class
  • Crafting a Restorative Yoga class to include healing elements such as: Chakras, Meridian Pathways, Movement Meditation, Wall Rope and Sound Healing



3 x Case Studies

1 x online quiz

1 x 60-minute peer-teaching 

1 x online class presentation



Module 1

Foundations of Restorative Yoga

The Science behind Stress and the Nervous System


Module 2

The Anatomy of Rest and Digest:

Savasana and the Psoas, Diaphragm, Vagus Nerve & Breath Awareness


Module 3

The Kosha Model: The Map to Healing the Whole Being

Integrating the Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, Wisdom & Spiritual Bodies


Module 4

The Art of Propping the 10 Essential Restorative Poses

Alignment for Body, Mind & Breath

Setting them up around the basic alignment principles and offering adjustments

Observing and reading students while they are in them

Learning the associated benefits, cautions and contraindications

Module 5

Restorative Yoga Teaching Methodology

Setting up the space and understanding the use of props

Planning and sequencing a practice

Presenting demonstrations and guidance into poses


Module 6

The Art of Holding Space

Guiding and Cuing Students into Deeper States of Relaxation

What to do in the moments in between

Module 7

Adapting to Challenges and Opportunities in the ever-growing field of teaching

Teaching Online

Teaching One-on-One


Module 8

Incorporating Healing Elements into Restorative Yoga

Creating Space within the body through Elevation, Levitation, Traction and Support

Offering Therapeutic and Weighted Assists

Eliciting the relaxation response with the use of Sound Therapy

Delving into the inner landscape with Movement Meditation

Using Mindfulness-based Stress reduction concepts as a framework



Teacher Training Manual

30 or 50 Hours of class contact time

Certificate (30 or 50 CET hours with Yoga Alliance) upon full completion of all required coursework

Non-members will get to enjoy 30% off PURE 1 or 3 months Club membership from 1 July – 29 September 2024 upon purchase of CET.*

Non-members will get to enjoy 50% off PURE Yoga Drop-in classes from 1 July – 29 September 2024 upon purchase of CET.*

*please read our terms and conditions to find out more.


15-Hour Weekend Immersion Schedule

PURE Yoga, Asia Square

14-15 September 2024 (9:00am – 5:30pm daily)

30-Hour Certification Schedule

PURE Yoga, Asia Square

14-15, 22 September 2024 (9:00am – 5:30pm daily)

PURE Yoga, Ngee Ann City

21 September 2024  (9:00am – 5:30pm)

50-Hour Certification Schedule

PURE Yoga, Asia Square

14-15, 22, 28-29 September 2024 (9:00am – 5:30pm daily)

PURE Yoga, Ngee Ann City

21 September 2024  (9:00am – 5:30pm)

Graduation Ceremony Schedule

PURE Yoga, Asia Square

Saturday 23 November 2-4:30pm


50-Hour CET Program 

Early Bird: $1,664

Regular price: $2080


PURE members can enjoy 5% off on top of existing discounts by using code PUREWS5

A Certificate of Completion (50 Continuing Education Hours with Yoga Alliance) will be presented to students who have completed the program and all required coursework.


30-Hour CET Program 

Early Bird: $1080

Regular price: $1350


PURE members can enjoy 5% off on top of existing discounts by using code PUREWS5

A Certificate of Completion (30 Continuing Education Hours with Yoga Alliance) will be presented to students who have completed the program and all required coursework.

15-Hour Weekend Immersion  

Early Bird: $600

Regular price: $750

PURE members can enjoy 5% off on top of existing discounts by using code PUREWS5

  • Early-bird price is applicable only for registrations made on or before 22 August 2024.
  • No refund or credit will be given for cancellations starting from 22 August 2024.
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Gabrielle Mendoza
Gabrielle, once overwhelmed by corporate stress, found solace and self-renewal through yoga. Her life's mission evolved to assist others in stress management through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga discipline. In her Restorative Yoga classes, she creates a nurturing haven for individuals to identify mental and emotional stressors, allowing individuals to be fully present without the rush of the future or weight of the past.